Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lots of things are getting low

 I'm seeing this a lot lately: common staples here are getting low
 No worries, still plenty of food in my frugal refrigerator, just different choices emerging as we use up, and turn to what is on hand. Around supper time, I puruse the fridge, determine bfst and lunch for the next day, what needs to be used up, make substitutions for needed ingredients in preparation for the next day
and shop my pantry down cellar. Olives for salad and egg-olive salad; Mexicorn for supper Thurs, the canned pumpkin is going to become a quick bread if not muffins (leaning towards muffins as they cook faster, so less energy to bake and heat up the home)

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Amy said...

I don't comment very much, but imI a regular reader. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your meal planning and cooking skills! You do a great job of providing tasty and frugal meals.