Friday, March 16, 2018

A simple supper

 We've been really good about leftovers lately. I do have one portion of pasta bake (Sat lunch for DS) and some taco filling and rice (Sat lunch for me) and some meatloaf for sandwiches on Sun, but that's it. DD is away until Sunday morning so I turned to something simple. I grabbed a lurking, large  can of crash n burn chicken breast (drained the broth off for an upcoming soup), flaked the meat before adding sliced scallion, one stalk's worth of chopped celery, French tarragon, black pepper and mayonnaise. Mixed well, it's now blending together, flavor wise, for supper. I will serve this on soft Kaiser rolls with a bunch of organic, baby salad greens. No fresh tomato this time of year. I have sliced Gouda and sliced Munster if DS is interested, I won't put cheese on mine. Kosher dill pickle spears on the side.
I remain quite happy that my local S & S now does have a marked down produce section. I chanced upon these USA Bartlett pears which are perfect for eating this weekend. I plan on slicing 2 up tonight, to go along with our sandwiches.

Choice of coconut cream pudding (and yes, it's yummy!) or raspberry jello for dessert seekers.


Linda said...

I see you also like lots of celery in salads.

~Lisa~ said...

Oh.... I have a can of chicken in the pantry. Good idea!! Thanks!