Sunday, February 11, 2018

Recent grocery shopping trips for February

 I first ventured out on Friday, to get some must haves, a few top ups including the following: milk, lactose free milk, 4 dozen eggs on sale (only to discover once home that one of the cartons was XL not the large that are on sale for $2. I had 4, 50 cents off Egglands coupons which would have brought all 4 doz. down to $1/dozen-awesome deal. I decided to return on Sat for a few missed items as well as to exchange the eggs for the size that was on sale), 2 qts of organic yogurt, 1 tub Hood sour cream, qt 1/2 & 1/2, oj, 2 each sliced cheese and shredded on slae, tater tots, 6 cans ck light tuna, GF bread mix, GF pasta, broccoli slaw, bananas. I also chanced upon some great marked downs

2 8 ct pkgs WW sandwich rolls, bread, 2 pkgs break n bake cookies, cream cheese. $57.90

I returned the eggs, and picked up a few things, including this bag of Kicking Horse coffee that Carla in Canada recommended; a few cans of wet cat food for administrating cat meds, lentils. I chanced upon even more marked downs:

A few cans of cat food, 1 box Rice a roni, 2 doz more of large eggs on sale (still $1 out the door after sale plus cpns)4 boxes of granola bars, a pkg of Portugese rolls, 3 pkgs each of vegetable marinade that I intend to use on BSCB that is taking up a lot of real estate in my freezer. This becomes sandwich fillings. I also grabbed some awesome weekly freebies: a 7 oz tub of Arla cream cheese, a 48 oz bottle of organic Almond milk. $29.76


rps4boys said...

Looks like you got some good deals!I know I'd be kicking myself if I picked up the wrong thing when I was trying to take advantage of a sale, but I wouldn't have returned the eggs. The store is just going to have to throw them out because they can't put them back out, so it's a loss to the store over something that's not their fault.

CTMOM said...

So whose "fault" is it?
-the stock clerk who placed the wrong carton in the wrong spot?
-the fellow customer who did this?
-mine for not having read each carton as I pulled them from the correct section of the egg shelf? (I didn't think of inspecting each carton, after I pulled the first 2 that were stacked on top of each other and then grabbing 2 more behind that first stack. The cartons are identical with the exception of the wording"large" "extra large.")

View it as you wish.

rps4boys said...

Perhaps "fault" isn't the correct word. I realize that in the scenario you presented that you mistakenly bought the wrong size. I doubt that eggs were intentionally mixed when stacked. It is something that happens. I'm sure most of us have bought an item that was not what we intended to buy. That said, my point is simply that it isn't safe for a store to return a perishable item to the shelf and a quick google search indicates that in most areas, grocery stores are not allowed to so. If yours does, so be it. My point was simply that, in the same situation, I would have "eaten" the loss (no pun intended, even though we are discussing edibles! LOL) so as not to cause the grocery store a loss for my unintended purchase.

Shara said...

Great finds.

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Wow! You found some fantastic deals, especially on the eggs. I probably would've taken the eggs back too. As long as the store is willing, why not? For what it's worth. Have a fabulous week!

Gigicita said...

Looking for your posts this week. Have a great day.