Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cooking for the weather

 Tuesday's are a soup night here. Raw, rainy day yesterday with temperatures quickly dropping in the afternoon. A ham bone from the freezer was called into service to make a lentil-pasta soup for supper, served with crackers on the side. Hit the spot.
 After picking up some needed items at the store, as ever, I made a swing by the marked down shelf, grabbing this box of blueberry muffin mix, a staple item in my Mom's pantry, growing up. I have not made these from this box mix, in years.
 Ingredients aren't too bad either. I needed to add eggs, oil
 I would never spend $3.49 to make a dozen muffins, but $1.74 + the cost of the additional ingredients, I am estimating that these cost me +/- $2/dozen.
 Prior to baking, I added some Demerara sugar on top; these look really good!
I strained off the corn syrup-water "juice" from the can of blueberries that are included in the mix. I recall that they used to come with a lid (dark blue with white letters) that clearly stipulated "wild Maine blueberries."  There wasn't any such imprint this time. Not yet sure what I'll do with it: mix it with additional cold water to make Jello, thicken it to top pancakes/waffles, add to seltzer for a blueberry infused "soda," add to other fruit juice such as apple for more of a punch type drink.

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Ms. Sandie said...

Great idea to save the “juice”. I vote for adding to seltzer