Saturday, October 14, 2017

Planning ahead: yard projects for 2018

 Although the left rear aka "dumping ground" was already identified as a hot zone project for next Spring/Summer, with the removal of the 6 trees up front and along the right side of the property, that has been pushed back, priority wise for projects next year. This right front area must be tended to first, as it is very visible from the street. Not hideous, it already is a vast improvement over what was there, and the tree removal has really opened up the yard. I'm calling this phase 1. The stumps and exposed tree roots will be ground up, the chips hauled off (there will be a ton of them), topsoil brought in, the lawn seeded and topped with hay.
I had my land scapper over this morning to discuss and review the area, confirm what the tree guy (who works with the land scapper all the time)recommends and come up with a plan. He will send me a quote in a few days. I told him that the front right is priority, to give me a quote for that work. I also asked him to send a separate, additional quote to clean up and take care of this right side area in front of the stone wall. I want everything cleared out so that the wall is visible. He indicated that it shouldn't be that much more, as the real work (outside of the stump grinding) will take place in the right front area.

Information and estimates ahead of time make it easier for me to plan, set aside monies. While plan A was for me to get a FT job, my health had other plans. Currently, I am not volunteering, focusing on my health and family. Plan B is now to get some sort of PT job once the health issues staballize, and use those extra monies to cover aforementioned projects as well as pay down debt.


Meg B. said...

For some reason, since moving to the PNW, getting a reliable landscaper seems to be impossible. I am told it's normal out here.
I have never heard them called land scappers, even in New England. They have been referred to as Lawnies, Dirt Devils, and other things, but never that.

Shara said...

The downside to our subdivision rules is that there is very little personalization of the yards. The upside is that for a small monthly fee they mow, weed eat, etc. I guess there is always a trade off to everything.

Every time we talk about moving I think about the amount of maintenance a yard takes and wonder if I want to tackle it.