Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday's mending: just a few items this week

This poor, aqua colored, Royal family towel. I seem to be perpetually mending it. I know that I got it second hand, and it remains a good, thick and thirsty towel that DD especially likes, so I keep fixing it when the terry part pulls away from the flat, ribbed section. It probably has a special name, I don't know what it is! I noticed that the side seam on the kitchen towel on top had come apart about half way, so that was also stitched up. I am using a purple-blue colored, inherited thread on both as these are utilitarian pieces and I don't really care too much. The white sweater had been traveling around in my car. As I removed it finally, from my car, I noticed that the sweater had come away from the upper band near the base of the neck, so that was hand stitched, this time using white thread. There is also a nice smudge on the sweater so I promptly tossed it in the hamper until Sunday, which is the day that I run a load of white laundry.

Keeping items in good repair means that I am not spending money replacing them.


Belinda said...

Martha Stewart says that the strip of denser weaving at the bottom of a towel is called a dobby. I've also heard it referred to as decorative banding.

Linda said...

I hope you have gotten rid of that edge. just cut it off and hem the towel, turning over the terry part twice. Or, serge it if you have a serger. I never get rid of a towel. When it is too threadbare to use, I find another use, like as a rag I can throw out. But, a fluffy towel never gets out of