Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Scrimpy September: modifying a family favorite casserole

 As medically required, I am making lazy golumbki casserole but substituting 50-50, reconstituted TVP (use beef bouillon to flavor ) and ground sirloin.

 I mixed the beef-soy and froze half of this mixture for a future recipe.
 I first buttered this casserole with saved margarine wrappers. I then cut up the rest of a small bit of cabbage, topped it with the soy-beef-rice-onion mixture
 I had a tomato going soft in the fridge, so I chopped that
 A can of Aldi's tomato soup plus water made the sauce
 I also grabbed this jar of sauerkraut (from Dollar Tree)
 it hails from Poland.
 The "meat" layer was topped with the chopped tomato, the sauce poured all over and some Kraut sprinkled over the top, as I've seen native folks from Poland do.
The dish (a Freecycle find) is covered and waiting until later to bake off for an hour in the mini convection oven. I started the month with about 4 heads of cabbage, 2 1/2 are gone. Meat is being stretched, this is a high fiber dish with brown rice, onion, cabbage.

I am planning on serving a green salad on the side with choice of dressing. DD can't have this, she has planned overs.


Anne in the kitchen said...

That sounds really good.

Linda said...

I have never known any native Polish people, and I have never heard of this dish, seen that recipe. For many reasons, I could not eat this. It does sound tasty. Tomatoes, cabbage and rice...yum. And, it is all in one dish, a plus. I love the dish!

CTMOM said...

My Godmother was off the boat, Polish immigrant. I spent my early childhood in a city that was predominantly half French Canadian, half Polish. Fast forward, and I have many friends who are Polish. As a language teacher, we'd host "International night" and families would bring in a dish that represented their culture. Lots of good eats!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I grew up in Buffalo New York, and my neighborhood was about 1/3 German, 1/3 Italian, 1/3 Polish and 100% working class! I have never met a sausage I didn't like, and I can cuss a bit in both Italian and Polish. I make the original dish--stuffed cabbage rolls, golumpki, sometimes but the Lazy Golumpki is much easier! We love anything with cabbage in it, and some of my best Christmas cookie recipes are also Polish. (Piernicki--cookies) When I went to college on the Main Line outside Philadelphia I was absolutely astounded that rollcall produced only WASPish names and none of the ethnic ones I was used to hearing. Actually I only stayed at that school for one year and headed back to Buffalo for other reasons.

My own heritage is partly German, mostly British Isles, so I was rightly placed in the neighborhood.

My older daughter, who died in 2005, was vegetarian for 25 years or so, so TVP is familiar to me. It doesn't taste bad and the texture is very much like ground beef. I used to toss some into the odd casserole when I had bags of it in the house. She worked as a chef for the last 18 years of her life, so I have many of her recipes (though I wish I had more) and several interesting cookbooks she bought for me also. If you are not familiar with "Recipes for a Small Planet" you might find some useful things in it for both yourself and your daughter. The original edition was from the 70's and my book is much used--a revision came out several years ago and that may be the one you can find today. Used bookstores probably have either or both versions as not many people stick with vegetarian after trying it for a while. I have both versions myself.

CTMOM said...

Marcia-I make regular golumbki once a year, lots of work. Lazy golumbki casserole works fine. : ) Adding TVP to my diet has been easy.