Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Scrimpy September: cooking out of the pantry

This morning found me making a split batch of macaroni salad-half of the homemade dressing was used over regular elbow macaroni with the rest used over rice rotini for DD. The menu for tonight is black bean burgers (DD gets a leftover tuna cake as she can't eat beans), macaroni salad, sliced tomato.

Change of plan:

With DD not really hungry, and far too many tubs of this n that in the fridge, I decided to make up plates for DS and I. Here's mine:

Leftover tuna cake with tartar sauce, my macaroni salad, some fzn peas I reheated.

More ingredients are being used up, and not all have extras already on hand. Today at 5:30 was trash/recycling pickup and our bins were at the curb by supper time yesterday. The above kitchen trash and recycling bins were empty. Fast forward and I needed yeast, relish, peanut butter-all with spares on hand. I've used up most of the all purpose, gluten free flour to make DD a loaf of bread. The dregs of the red pepper relish went into my macaroni salad, I used relish in DD's as she can't have the peppers. Used the rest of the roast beef lunch meat for DS this morning. Ads are in the recycling as I don't expect to shop this week, although I may* grab a jug of milk for DS.

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