Thursday, September 21, 2017

It never hurts to ask


The master bath toilet has been acting up. A few random times, after flushing, it kept running. A quick jiggle of the handle set it right. fast forward and it was happening every single time. Toilet was installed mid May. Plumber came out deemed that a part (fluid master) needed replacement. $50 cash charge. I asked him for an invoice as I was going to contact American Standard, which I did.
AS is refunding the cost of the part, but not the labor. I am to be refunded $20 of the $50 I had spent. Pleased with that.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Good for you for asking!

Linda said...

he same thing happened to me about 30 years ago. The plumber had picked up the commode and installed it. When I talked to him, he got the replacement for me and did not charge me to change it. When I asked about the cost to me, he said I owed him nothing. He had done a lot of work for me, so I suppose he was waiving the cost because of good will. He had more work to do, so I figured he got paid somehow. Besides, he only had to travel a mile and was working in neighbor's house, too.

Belinda said...

That's terrific Carol. :)

Sue said...

No, it doesn't hurt to ask! My husband bought a pair of Florsheim shoes at their Wisconsin outlet last summer. At less than one year they had a hole in the sole! I told him outlet or not, they shouldn't have worn like that. He has many other pairs of dress shoes that he wears for work, so it's not like he wore them every day.

I insisted he call the outlet and ask what could be done. They said to send the shoes back and that they would rebuild both shoes and put in entire new leather soles, as well as recondition the uppers, and ship them back for free.

It never hurts to ask!

CTMOM said...

Sue-I am shocked that Florsheim shoes were an issue. They are (at least used to be) known as a quality product. So nice that they refurbished the shoes for your DH. WTG!