Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home maintenance: safety repair

 Mason was here yesterday, attending to a loose step, just past this covered stoop. Yet another delayed maintenance item at this home. I got multiple quotes, and recommendations, finally deciding to go with an Albanian immigrant mason. His work is very good, prices fair.
Besides the now repaired stoop and step, 2 cracks in my concrete front walkway were enlarged and cement filled again. Safety is the overarching concern here. Adding this repair to this month's budget meant pinching back in other areas. Glad to get it taken care of, it's part of my Winter preparation.


Linda said...

Safety on steps is sooo important to me! Killing the wisteria is my safety issue around here since it has grown to be a menace for walking.

A Dime at a Time said...

Wise to take care of it now. Speaking from personal experience of breaking an ankle, broken bones can be a reality the older we get. Trip or fall hazards need to be avoided!

Belinda said...

A broken step here last winter is what led to us replacing our outside stairs this summer. Safety on the stairs is so important. Glad you were able to check it off your to do list.