Monday, September 25, 2017

And the results are coming in


In July, at my request, my gyno ordered some blood work for me. At the time, I was trialing my second biologic, which I subsequently failed. Results came in, prompting her nurse to call me to tell me that the MD wanted me to follow up ASAP with my PCP, and discuss starting cholesterol lowing medication. ACK!

I reached out, via e-mail on the patient portal, and my PCP came back telling me to follow a Portfolio diet, and get repeat blood work done just before my Oct physical. Today was the day for my fasting blood work.

July 21, 2017                 September 25, 2017
Cholesterol 253             Cholesterol 209
LDL 165                        LDL 120
HDL 56                         HDL 58

So, I was able to lower my cholesterol by 42 points, my LDL by 45 points.

My triglicerides dropped as well but remain higher than idea. A possible explanation is the consumption of more caloric carbs. They dropped by 9 points.

Between getting the remaining biologics out of my system and following the prescribed diet, I feel it was successful. Not perfect, but a vast improvement. Will discuss next steps with my PCP next week.

Tonight, DS and I are celebrating (DD is away for a few days): beef burgers for supper!


Linda said...

I have wondered what biologics were. I could do that except for the soy. My cholesterol is much lower than yours, yet doctor wants it even lower because of diabetes. It is annoying! Congratulations!

CTMOM said...

Here's what a quick google search came up with:

Linda said...

I don't have rheumatoid arthritis, thankfully. I don't suffer from any sort of arthritis.

CTMOM said...

Linda, .are used for a variety of autoimmune diseases beyond RA. I am a PSA patient. Google for more info

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I know a lot of people fight taking statins, but I'm not sure of their effects on PSA, so I don't know your particular reasons for not wanting to take them. I have a family history of heart disease on both sides of the family and I have documented heart disease as well as peripheral artery disease. My doctor was adamant that I NEED the statins. I have had only one problem with them, and that is remembering names. It just seems to be names in particular--I have a "normal" amount of forgetting for my age--easily distinguished from my husband's much more noticeable early signs of dementia. Words slip my mind occasionally but I really don't think it's very significant. The forgetting of names annoys me but my doctor, whom I trust a lot, says no way can I get along without the statins. My cholesterol numbers are great, my triglycerides are down but could be lower (sweets are my weakness.)

You don't seem to mind the dietary restrictions---I restrict salt and fat also and have since I was 27. New research questions the wisdom of this diet but I stick to it until something better comes along. Dash diet might be good for me, but I am not a lover of beans, although I am trying to learn to eat them more often anyhow. And it is strictly vegetarian, and quite restrictive.

I do 2 yoga for seniors classes a week, getting a good work out. I have a back problem which keeps me from walking distances. I try to keep active but I have to say I don't always feel like it. Gardening is getting to be too much for me also. I do my own laundry and cooking and most of my housework--the rest doesn't get done mostly. My daughter helps out once in a while. My husband can help some but usually forgets what he was asked to do or forgets to do it. I do have to keep an eye on what he is doing as he has fallen for computer scams a few times already. I have gone through the dementia thing with my mother but both my sisters helped with her. I have only one daughter to help--DGD lives an hour away. DD is 2 miles down the road.

I wish you well in sticking to your diet restrictions. I'm testing for another complication of the peripheral artery disease, which we have established exists, and I will know in a couple more weeks how extensive the problem is and what the doctor recommends doing about it--possibly wait and see if it's not too extensive. Stay tuned.

CTMOM said...

Marcia-I hate taking all RX's but do follow MD's orders. My PCP's initial response to the spike in my blood levels was to tweak my diet. I was already on a salt restricted, DASH/Mediteranean diet at the time. Now it's that with Portfolio diet restrictions-yes, mostly vegan/vegetarian with a lot of beans for protein. I've always loved beans. Initially, I am very pleased with this quick drop in levels, caused, I am pretty certain, by the biologics I had to trial before gaining access to the RX of choice, recommended by two specialists. Sigh. I am 2 months in with that.
Physical next week, more later.

Ms. Sandie said...

I am happy to see your numbers are headed back down. I too, am frustrated by the amount of prescriptions I take.