Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New meds and suspected fallout from previous ones.

It literally took almost 12 months to gain access to this medication that TWO specialists want me on, with one stating that the biologics that the insurance company insists I first trial were "the big guns and not needed yet." Sigh. I failed 4 drugs now, BUT the good news is I finally can try this one. I realize that this may also be a bust, but I have faith in what the specialists recommend over what someone behind a computer screen at the insurance company says I have to be on. @@

I recently had some blood work done, only to discover that my cholesterol had shot up over 50 points. Sigh . . I have never before had an issue. It is a known side effect of the aforementioned biologics. The MD who did the blood work asked me to follow up with my GP, which I have done, to see if she wants me to start Rx for yet another issue. The response was no, we will retest a few weeks before my Oct annual physical but in the meantime, I am to be on a portfolio diet. Much of it already mimics how I eat, just a further reduction in meat, increase in soy, increase in plant based protein (so beans twice a day-easy for me), reduction in dairy, reduction in eggs, having oatmeal daily for bfst. I can do this, hopefully the former drugs will get out of my system, which has been in a psoriatic arthritis flare for well over a week. I am now at day 3 of the new RX, and have a scheduled appointment with the rhumatologist this afternoon.


Little Penpen said...

I hope this works for you! It must be scary to see your numbers climbing. Best Wishes for falling numbers soon.

Carole said...

I think it is likely that from all the stress you have been under with your house issues, etc., that it is probably reflected in your blood work. It's probably a good idea to wait a while before changing your medication as your doctor suggested