Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Monday: tacos, and planning ahead for Tuesday's lunch

 I somehow hadn't preplanned a meal for last night, so after scrounging around in the fridge (we had made a great dent on leftovers at lunch), I decided to make tacos, getting some crash and burn used up, DD trying some new GF tortillas, and using up some bits of Mexican themed sauces. I am also down to a small block of Havarti with dill and a large block of NY sharp Cheddar in the fridge. I know to stock up on 8 oz blocks of cheese (cheddar, colby-jack for example) when they next go on sale. I still also have a freezer stash of shredded Swiss cheese ends, and mozzarella 1 lb blocks. Chopped tomato and the rest of the organic baby salad greens were offered. I used a taco kit as the basis for this dinner.
 Taco filling  included refried beans (in Pyrex) as well as beef tacos, and some black beans cooked alongside (DD can't have them)
 I also prepared a box of Rice a roni Spanish rice, adding 1/2 of a 29 oz can of crash n burn petite diced tomatoes, as directed. Very good, certainly contains a ton of salt.
After supper, I prepared today's lunch, "taco bake," using the rest of the rice, beef and black bean mixture, salsa, the pouch of taco sauce, refried beans, shredded cheese. I topped it all with the rest of the black olives in the fridge, slicing them to go on top. I will bake this off for DS and I.


meme said...

Your leftovers for lunch look so good in that pan! I could eat the whole thing! LOL

CTMOM said...

The "taco bake" came out really good. Enough for another lunch for DS and I today. Using what is on hand, avoiding food waste, getting beans into my meals, avoiding coldcuts-it ticks all of my boxes off. : )

Belinda said...

Looks delicious. We love anything taco here, so this would be right up our alley.