Saturday, July 15, 2017

Working with the weather and avoiding food waste

 Lunches at home are traditionally leftovers, if they exist, if not a simple sandwich.
 Weather was terribly hot just 2 days ago, but temps plummeted to 60, raw and rainy yesterday, making it a perfect opportunity to get a pot of soup going. I was able to use the ingredients above: long in the tooth chive, carrots, egg noodles, broccoli (I just used the longer stems, reserving the florettes for a quiche tomorrow), green beans in chopped tomatoes, 2 containers of chicken stock, some of the reserved chicken fat for sweating off a mirepoix, celery, potato. A can of white beans is the protein source and I also added some spices, water.
 The soup before adding the noodles
Lunch! It is delicicious, while I had 2 bowls, DS had a grilled cheese with his.

Older DS stopped by on his way home from work and picked up a container of soup for his supper last night. I used a 4 quart pot on purpose as it's hard for me not to make a huge caldron of soup! Just DS #2 and I are home this weekend, DD is away.


Linda said...

WOW, 60 degrees? That is soup weather. It's in the 90s here, but I could eat soup if I did not have to cook it.

Lee Ann said...

That looks really delicious

Busy Bee said...

We're still battling the heat here. I'm relying on simple grilled items and whatever the crockpot can cook.

meme said...

We had the same cooler weather as you -- today is not hot and I have the windows open with ceiling fans going.