Monday, July 10, 2017

What's been cooking?

 Leftover macaroni and a slew of condiment choices
 joined forces with leftover calico beans and the remaining hotdogs from the previous weekend (pan fried in some reserved bacon fat)
 Thursday's supper
 Fri was herb baked chicken thighs and drums (cut from leg quarters), rice a roni wild rice flavor, and steamed peas/carrots
Sat, we tried a new pizzeria-delicious! We will return for sure!


a5605770-c072-11e4-a821-431d81bf84dd said...

Looks like you do a great job using up leftovers!! A definite money saver. I'm curious, though, about some of your meals. I thought you were on a low salt eating plan. My father-in-law is now on a very low sodium diet because of health issues. He's really missing things like ketchup, hot dogs, rice-a-roni, etc. Have you found some good quality substitutes? I'd love to know of the "good" ones, because he doesn't like the low/no salt ones I've found.

CTMOM said...

Yes, I continue to monitor my sodium. Small tastes/portions of saltier items are selected and I've learned things like mustard contains significantly less sodium than ketchup. That said, yes, I still consume ketchup but in moderation. I recently had calico beans (homemade), macaroni salad (homemade) and hotdogs on buns (these were bought). My homemade items contains a lot less sodium than commerically prepared versions. Should I consume a more salty meal/ingredient, I adjust the rest of my food intake for the day as well as increase my water consumption accordingly.