Monday, July 3, 2017

What's been cooking?

 Friday night pizza night for 2: homemade pizza dough in the ABM, doctored up crash n burn tomato sauce turned into pizza sauce, home shredded Parmesan, the rest of some sale plus cpn shredded Italian blend cheese as well as home shredded sharp Cheddar cheeses; jarred mushrooms, off cuts of nitrate free bacon, Aldi's Pepperoni, l/o grilled onions lurking in the fridge. Came out delicious!

Saturday was again dinner for 2, we settled on hamburgers and oven fries, using up the remenants of a bag of TJ's fries.
 Sunday supper's menu was moved around due to high heat and humidity: marked down chicken drums were BBQ'd on the grill, I made a large, tossed salad,
 as well as a batch of my Calico beans, turning to some recently acquired, crash n burn, canned beans.
 I also made another batch of quick pickles, reusing the brine from these but as they were a bit bland, I drained them, reheated the brine with the addition of more vinegar, sugar, dill, celery seed, salt. They taste better now.
I started a new RX biologic today, and knew that something easy would be welcomed: fzn Flounder fillets are defrosted, I mixed a batch of green beans with tomatoes (left some plain for DD), and turned to a tub of mashed potatoes, recently bought with a sale plus large coupon combo deal.

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