Monday, July 31, 2017

What's been cooking: the supper and Sunday supper this week, and planning ahead

 I've been using a lot of the (few) canned beans that I have had in the pantry (bought usually on crash n burn, rarely a Goya sale plus coupon deal). I recognized that I need to keep more prepared beans on hand, in particular, cooking the large Limas that I have so that I'll use them. One night found me serving hotdogs and calico beans but I also cooked a large batch of the aforementioned Limas, for the freezer.
 My frozen assets: leftover calico beans, 4 tubs of Limas.
 Crabmeat quiche, using the 49 cent out the door "crabmeat" that I bought a while back. Steamed, farmer's market wax beans. Yum!
 2 sausage and beef bolognese, steamed farmer's market zuke and summer squash

Yesterday's Sunday supper: Swiss steaks, using a large pkg of marked down, cubed steak. Made for a nice change of pace.

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