Sunday, July 23, 2017

What's been cooking: keeping an eye on food waste

 Friday night's hamburger supper was aimed at using up surplus potato rolls on hand, along with some C & B canned beans
 Saturday morning found me frying off some planned over, grill baked potatoes along with some chopped scallions in reserved bacon fat
 I ground up some leftover London broil
 and created a roast beef hash  in the process
 which became Saturday's breakfast along with choice of eggs, buttered Rye toast.
Saturday lunch found me having a turkey sandwich

while DS finshed the rest of the fajita mixture from earlier in the week and the rest of the tuna-pasta salad as well. I also gave him some fruit.


meme said...

That is a great looking hash. As a kid, my mother would make a similar hash - but we always had it for dinner along with toasted rolls. Funny - I always just associate it as a dinner because of that.

CTMOM said...

I grew up with corned beef hash served with pork beans, coleslaw, brown bread if we had it. Yum! Making do with what's on hand and avoiding food waste in the process. : )