Friday, July 21, 2017

What's been cooking for supper?

 Taco Tuesday actually became fajitas. Steamed rainbow carrots, C & B corn, Spanish rice mix. Yummy!

 On Wed, I moved off the menus and tried a new recipe using chard, parsnips that I needed to get cooked, adding l/o rainbow carrots to bulk this out a bit, Italian sausage. 2 versions made to accomodate DD's GF diet.
 Thursday was dinner for one. I had some take out honey mustard sauce leftover so I blended that with some mayo, thinned it with a bit of water, added black pepper and French tarragon to mix up a dressing and use it up. This topped some l/o salad. Perfect.
I made up a plate for one, adding l/o green beans that needed to be used up, along with the rest of the regular pasta dish from Wed night.

Tonight is burgers, 3 bean salad (already made and now marinating in dressing).


meme said...

The pictures of your food always look so good!

Winter Fan said...

These dinners look fantastic!