Friday, July 14, 2017

This week's sewing: the bathroom curtains

 This is how I spent my afternoon yesterday: sewing in the dining room.
I first tackled hemming the white curtains that I bought through Wayfair. Just the right amount of light filtration, a simple, classic style that isn't neither too feminine nor masculine as DD and DS share this hall bath. Both bathrooms face the front of the home, and have large, casement windows.

The master bath curtain, actually made out of a 100% cotton shower curtain. The curtains in this collection were $15 more than shower curtain so you can figure out why I chose to buy the shower curtain and cut it down. This choice also allotted me to have a black accent on the top of the valence.

The only window remaining to be dressed is in the half bath/laundry, but that is on hold until I get the replacement window installed.


Linda said...

I am fond of white curtains for the light they allow to filter into the room. The bath at the front of the house with café curtains would bother me for the fact that it just does not allow privacy. Maybe a person cannot see inside, but the fact a person is in the bathroom is too provocative for me. It all looks great. I know you are pleased to get your bathroom back. Using the cheaper shower curtain and making what you need is a great, frugal idea.

The Line has been Drawn said...

Love your frugal thinking! Your house is coming along nicely!

meme said...

Great idea on the shower curtain/window curtain. I love the color pattern. The "kids" bath is really nice too !

Sue said...

LOVE the curtain in the master bath!

It seems like I have always resorted to cutting up shower curtains to make matching window treatments. It's so quick and easy to do so--just a couple of cuts, one hem, and one rod pocket casing (also just a hem). You don't even have to sew--hemming tape works perfectly fine.

Belinda said...

They look great! Smart move on your part to use the shower curtain to make them cheaper. I love the color blue in the children's bathroom, so pretty.

mikemax said...

Nice work, Carol! I have black and white curtains in my kitchen and I love them. I made them with black and white ticking and toile and banded them with wide black grosgrain. Cheap, they were not, but worth every penny. Everyone always comments on them. I have made a fair number of curtains from thrift store sheets. My current shower curtain used to be a sheet, along with the matching curtains (made from the fitted bottom sheet).