Sunday, July 23, 2017

This week's grocery shopping: a combined post

 I had 2 additional trips to the store this week. Wed and Saturday. Here's what I got: 2 bags of bird seed, as well as a "Premium" bag of crash n burn bird seed, 2 suet cakes (really need to find a convenient, cheaper source). All of this is tallied under "pets" so not in my food budget. Still, I need to control costs.

 A can of tomato sauce, an 8 pack of bar soap
 Shredded wheat, gatorade, tomato paste and sauce, evaporated milk (like to use this for cocoa for DS), an enchillada kit-all crash n burn.

More crash n burn: multigrain bread, New England hotdog rolls, gallon baggies, 4 herbed tomato sauce (great on pizza) 4 cans no slat organic black beans @ 49 cents!, 4 cans of discontinued "Pam" spray-which was on my list, 2 organic smoothies, 2 blocks cream cheese, evaporated milk again.

Lemoncello pastry-nothing to write home about, we tried it at $1.50 but I don't think I'll get it again, it was a treat. Cinnamon powdered mini donuts, raisin bagels, NE style hotdog buns, white bread, canned potatoes (good for emergency dinner), 3 smaller cans of pork beans-all crash n burn

 Half and half was on the list. I had bought some of these flavors of yogurt in a different brand, and DS rediscovered his like of them. Dannon, a preferred brand, is on sale, so I grabbed 4 of each. He never puts in requests so I am happy to oblige.
 2 kinds of milk was needed, along with nacho chips (guests for dinner Wed), tater tots, steak sauce, worcestershire sauce, paprika, fzn peppers.
 Coupons keep my meat costs low: loss leader, store coupon on bacon for $2.99, chicken Italian sausage on sale plus large coupon meant $1.49 out the door.
 Melon  loss leader at 97 cents store coupon. I also got nectarines, plums, peaches @ $1.99 as well as 2 cartons of strawberries for the same price.
 I chanced upon some beef strips on marked down, now divided into 2 meals for us. I also got 8 tubs of turkey breast lunch meat, keeping 2 out, freezing the rest. I paid $4/lb this way. Nice.
 The beef strips were cheap, but we really don't need as much as came in the pkg. Good economy to split it into 2. I envision stir fries with it.
 Loss leader 12 count box of Snapple tea for guests: $3.99 loss leader
$4.99 12 count double roll Northern (cheaper than Aldi's this week) and more laundry detergent which I do not need but would be foolish NOT to. Normally $4.99, it was  a bonus buy deal with $2 off, then a single loss leader store coupon netted an additional $1 off, finally, I applied a doubled manufacturer coupon on top, netting another $1.50 off. 49 cent bottle of detergent can sit quite happily in my laundry room cabinet.

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