Monday, July 31, 2017

Surprise rebate on Udi's gluten free bread

 I stopped at Price Rite recently, to grab some frozen Udi's bread for DD. I pay $3.99 which is a lot less than the $6.49 other retailers charge. I bought 3
 as I spotted this get $7 rebate promo
Good until the end of Sept, just buy 3 loaves in one single transaction, go on line, submit an image of the receipt, fill out a form and wham! you get a printable rebate to take to the store. So, my next 2 loaves will cost me 98 cents out the door. Very nice!

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Linda said...

I either bought Udi's or thought about it when I was first diagnosed with the wheat allergy. Thankfully, I don't have to pay for that pricey bread now. That is a great rebate. Can you buy another three since it is frozen?