Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sunday supper

 I continue to follow my meal plans: this past Sunday had marinated London broil (recent 4th of July loss leader that I froze)
 I didn't have any marinade (an ingredient that I shouldn't buy due to the salt), so I found a recipe on line, gathered the ingredients to make my own.

Here are the marinating steaks.

I covered the dish with Bees wraps and refrigerated them.

The recipe makes enough for 2 meals, so I am ahead for the next time I wish to marinate.

 I prepared a nice salad, topping it with some basil that I am growing in a pot.
 I had an empty mustard jar, which prompted me to mix up a vinaigrette, something I was taught to do as a child. Quick and easy
 Place ingredients in the jar, cap, shake. Done.
The rest of the meal included carrots, butter/sugar corn, grill "baked"potatoes with option to top with sour cream, if desired.

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