Monday, July 31, 2017

Small grocery shopping trip

 This past Saturday, I had to venture out for some errands. I haven't been well, this last Rx threw me into a PSA flare, included in the mix was back spasms, hip bursitis, and my cane coming out of the closet. : (   I ventured over to CVS for milk, berries, and spotted a few crash n burn deals, too good to pass up: marked down butter because the tab was ripped, but the rest of the box still sealed shut, so not tampered with, 2 11 count cartons of eggs @ 66 each.
 Sale items wanted
 Marked down cube steaks which ended up becoming Sunday supper, 12 burgers, including 4 plain and 8 steakhouse seasoned-yum!
 I stopped at a local eatery, grabbing some coffee that they now sell to the public. Different brand than when I first investigated their coffee. Now I know. Still awesome coffee, but available for less at local grocery shops.
It was farmer's market day, and with a $2 off coupon from Penny Saver, I bought the above.


Linda said...

I cannot wait to get to the market tomorrow for squash and zucchini! You got some good deals on things this week.

Kathy said...

Hope you are starting to feel better!
Great deals.