Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Replenishing the larder and freezer

 While in years past, I have upon occassion, frequented my now neighborhood S & S, I am finding that this store simply has the best crash n burn. If I pop in for a gallon of milk, I make a point to check out their meat, dairy and grocery marked downs. For some reason, I can never chance upon produce marked downs, and I know that I have bought some there in the past. Here's a tuna fish sized can of chicken @ 64 cents. Great for a quick sandwich or salad topper.
 I normally don't buy American cheese but the kids like these Kraft slices on burgers (second package I've bought recently). With this being grilling season, it's right to grab it.
 Screaming deal on my preferred brand of yogurt. I can use this for salad dressing, add fruit and/or vanilla myself.
 My meat supplies were very much depleated and I've lucked out on unexpectedly being able to replenish with sale (if not sale plus cpn combos) and marked down items (some with an additional coupon applied such as the Premio sausage). I was practically out of chicken but now have: drums, thighs, boneless thighs, chicken tenders (BSCB strips)breaded cutlets, chicken leg quarters.
 I also took advantage of 2 store's having loss leaders on ground beef this week @ $1.99 or less/lb, London Broil steaks on loss leader, bacon, my "cheater" chicken parm cutlets (sale plus cpn), bacon, immitation crab (sale plus cpn meant 49 cents for the 12 oz pkg), and I even got a pkg of glutten free chicken fingers for DD to try (sale + cpn), sweet Italian sausage links and hot sausage patties. The links were marked down to $2.09 and the patties were $1.49-both are 1 lb of meat. I took the last patty pkg or I would have bought 2. I also got 1 pkg each of 3 bonesless center cut pork chops and 3 thin bone in pork chops.
 Meat was repackaged in meal size quantities, including 1 patty of sausage with 1 1/2 links-plenty for my intended usage.

One never knows what will be on the crash and burn shelves. Dry milk and gluten free stuffing were great finds!

 Prices paid.
 DS#2's favorite oatmeal flavor, more GF stuffing (which I can use as is or grind up for bread crumbs. GF bread as well as bread crumbs are very expensive), 2 taco kits which I normally wouldn't buy, but check the prices!
Good deals!

My most recent find: I stopped at the store to grab a carton of lactose free milk for DD, and was thrilled to find TWO jugs of Simply orange juice at expiration for $1.04 (I actually paid more like $0.97 after DS's employee discount). I have some beet greens that I want to serve sauteed in an orange sauce, which requires the OJ, which I haven't had on hand for months! I also intend to make some cranberry-orange muffins or bread with this.

My pantry, refrigerator, and freezers are all full as we are going into this new month. Within 2 weeks, I intend to do my August meal plans, drawing from the items I just bought on sale/reduction. This is one tactic that I use to keep my grocery budget as low as reasonably possible. We continue to eat a variety of healthy foods, with some treats thrown in. We entertain weekly (Sunday supper with extended family)but I must do this on a restricted budget especially as I weather financial changes, my new budget, taking on debt and repaying it, etc.

I'll continue to shop for perishables and deals as I encounter them as well as frequent the local, farmer's market.


Ms. Sandie said...

Great deals. I always love knowing the larder is full.

Meg B. said...

We are working here on creating a depleted larder. But, like you, I can't resist crash and burns.

Linda said...

This is how I eat well. Marked down meat is great! My freezer was cleaned out by J, so I know what is in there. Now, I have almost filled it up again. but, that's okay.

Belinda said...

Great deals, Carol. It's a good feeling when the pantry is full. :)

Lili said...

You found so many great deals, Carol! I love that you not only found a lot of meat, but a good variety, too.