Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recent topping up grocery trip

 Needed a few items at the grocery store, and wanted to capitalize on some sale plus coupon deals in the process.
 Out the door @ 40 cents each. Flavored yogurts such as these are an exception, I normally buy quarts
 My local S & S has a crash n burn section in the dairy dept (just never any milk, or cream-perhaps there is a law restricting it here) I did grab some fruit punch (Ds especially likes punch) as well as 99 cent, organic peach smoothies.
 Needed celery, tomatoes and bananas (these last 2 were on sale), and grabbed a store coupon loss leader: cherries.
 Needed lentils, salsa and grabbed these sale priced deals: $3.99/6 count Snapple (good for the Summer for guests) as well as condiments and a loss leader, with store coupon box of crackers. I also got $1 off the ketchup with a coupon.
 Grocery crash n burn was good: 57 cent "scalloped potatoes,"-good for a quick side, bread, a large can of decaf coffee (will mix it with the full caffeinated stuff) a small and a large can of tomato paste and from the dairy dept: 2 Dannon fruit yogurts, a preferred brand, too.
 85% ground beef, limit 1, was on sale @ $2.99/lb-cheaper than Aldi's, Ital sausage was $1.49/lb with loss leader store coupon, and I came across HANGER STEAK! Egads-I never buy that stuff but check this out:
 I'll call it $3/lb-yes please!
 I repackaged the meats into meal sized portions. The bulk of our meat is acquired in this fashion: sale or loss leader.
 Personal care items, to be reimbursed for. I also applied a digital as well as a manufacturer's coupon on these refill packs.

2 suet cakes (killed me to pay $1.50 vs my usual $1 at other stores) but this is tallied under pets, not groceries 2 bottles shampoo (sale plus cpn= 54 cents each), a jug of detergent (not needed but it was 99 cents out the door).
Local friends have their ad hoc farm up and running, I got eggs, 2 bundles rainbow chard, beets with the tops per my request Summer and Zucchini squash. $10. Nice!


Linda said...

I keep forgetting to go to our S&S that is 10+ miles out in the country.

Linda said...

Have you ever looked into making your own suet cakes for birds? There are times I see those for half-price at WM. All my meat is a loss leader or reduced or price-matched. Good prices!