Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pfew! A cheap fix


I asked DX to switch cars with me and take mine in to the body shop affiliated with his work, for an estimate. A few weeks back, the underside of my car got caught on some tall, rock edging, and came down from the underside of the car, also pulling the right front quarter panel out a bit. Luckily, I was able to reposition the quarter panel, but knew that I'd need a shop to look at the car.

DX returned the car last night, on the way home from work, and told me that he fixed it, which surprised me, as I was clear to him that I just wanted an estimate. Approximately $10 in bolts and zip ties, it's back together again. I paid him for the parts plus some for his trouble

and he agreed to stay and have some of the homemade pizza I had. Nice to have avoided a costly car bill.


Little Penpen said...

YES! my right bumper on my honda civic is being held in place with zip ties! No one even knows unless they get under my car.

Linda said...

That was a cheap fix. I cringed when I heard zip ties. They stretch and break. Ask me how I know. It is nice he is helpful!

Sue said...

Okay, this is kind of hilarious to me. Because my son drove over something (probably a parking barrier) and pulled down the engine splash guard. My husband noticed it dangling and removed it to inspect it. It's in good enough shape to reinstall, he thinks.

The difference between a handy and a non-handy husband? The handy one figure out the fix, buys the parts, and takes care of it. The non-handy one shoves it in the back of your van and says, "Yeah, you're gonna need to do something about that." GEE. THANKS, HON.

I would be tempted to fix it myself just to show him up but, a) we don't have a creeper, and b) he would not take it personally, and there's not enough payback for me if it doesn't prick his conscience.

Oh well. It's still in the back of my van. I'm gonna need to do something about that... ;^)

CTMOM said...

Linda-FYI, the zip ties (bolts were also used) are how the manufacturer's assemble some of the parts on cars. DX has been a mechanic (expensive German brand) for 30 + years and is literally one of the best in the nation, having been sent to Germany several times, is the "go to" consultant by the corporation in America for problem cars. I have no reservations in how he deemed to repair this. My car no longer is dragging when on a bumpy hill, no more rattling. It's all good.

meme said...

Glad you were able to get your car fixed and so cheaply! That was nice of your DX...