Friday, July 21, 2017

Lunches at home

 Some of our lunches this week. These are individual lunches, no 2 are alike. I choose to use up leftovers in this fashion. My lunch salad Monday included cooked carrots and the rest of a bit of Cheddar cheese, the rest of the homemade, French dressing
 A salad (usually leftover from the night before), topped with some l/o tuna-pasta salad, also leftover
 Turkey sandwich with fast food condiment honey mustard sauce, the rest of the cheese crackers.

One day, 2 of us had leftover Spanish rice, corn or sauteed beet greens,  and hanger steak fajitas
 Multi coldcut aka "combo" sandwich for DS, who loves these. I am merely trying to use up the cold cuts before they turn. Some potatoe chips, with a lot of crumbs from the bottom of the bag, fruit punch-a favorite as well.
 Another combo sandwich, this time served with a fruit blend juice, sliced kiwi and sliced apple with cinnamon
No lunch, but rather, DS's breakfast omelette on Tuesday, filled with l/o sauteed zucchini and Summer squash, some cut up Deli ham, a bit of cheese. A good way to start his day.


Linda said...

It looks like you throw away no food!

Meg B. said...

I have made potato chip cookies with the crumbs left in the potato chip bag! The cookies don't turn out well with kettle chips, (not that there are ever any left when we buy them) but work well with the cheaper potato chip bits.

CTMOM said...

We waste very little food