Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kitty has recovered nicely

Poor kitty ended up having two, not one, teeth pulled earlier this week, the rest were cleaned/descaled once again. The cleaning happened once before, 3 years ago. Although we continue to use an special, enzymatic toothpaste with him, he has this issue. 7 years old . . sad to see him lose teeth, but the vet assures me that there is nothing else we could have been doing, it's just his lot.  This translated into a higher than estimated bill, naturally, which will come out of my monthly savings, once I get paid next week. I put the charges on a credit card and will promptly pay it off, avoiding any additional fees. I still have CC debt associated with the remodel (anticipated and planned for), so I am ever vigilant not to incur any additional charges unless I have a plan to immediately pay it off.

Kitty is feeling better now, off of pain meds, eating and playing as normally he would. Recently both cats had their annual physicals and vacinations so we are set for another year.


meme said...

Your cat looks like he is resting comfortably on the sofa! I had the exact same couch and pillows as you have now - loved that sofa - very comfortable.

Busy Bee said...

Poor kitty! He's beautiful though.