Monday, July 31, 2017

It was finally time . .

The latest Frankenstein "soap cake" as I've coined them .. slivers of my Dove and various slivers of assorted Lush soaps were chopped, microwaved, blended and pressed into this "soap mold." I now have a very large bar at my Master Bathroom sink, as I wash with soap and water nightly, pump soap would only clutter the counter. It also matches the pink bath room nicely.


Sue said...

I am a big fan of the foaming pump soaps and basic liquid soaps. The biggest advantage of liquid over bar soap is there no soap scum buildup and no puddles of melting soap.

I refill the shower dispensers with whatever is cheapest (usually Dial) at Ocean State Job Lot. And the foaming pump soaps get refilled with whatever each sink/user needs. My bathroom sink dispenser holds baby shampoo, which I use to wash my eyelid margins each night as I am prone to blepharitis. The foaming pump dispenser makes it super convenient. I also use it to wash my eyeglasses.

Lee Ann said...

Do you melt the soap in a safe container then pour into the mold? Do you spray the mold so the soap comes out easier?

CTMOM said...

I do not spray the mold. Yes, I melt it down in a Pyrex glass measuring cup, decant into the mold, press it down with a rubber spatula.