Monday, July 31, 2017

Home remodel, phase 1 is wrapped up

 Last week had the window contractor that the energy company recommended, here to remove the old, ill fitting, not locking sliders removed. They came out pretty easily.
 My very pricey, Anderson, energy star rated, patio door. Love it! We now have a screen so I can have more air going through, no need to keep the door shut, cats safe inside behind the slider doors.
 This door not only has a standard dead bolt, there is an additional locking feature that provides two more, one at the top, one at the bottom. This is a very secure door!
 The laundry room crappy window was also removed (another no screen area) and replaced with the last Anderson, energy star rated, casement window. Glad to get this done, especially at 1/3 of the cost that the GC wanted. @@
Removing the sliders gave me a peek into what is under the 1970 (it was a permitted installation so I have the date), vinyl siding. I actually have traditional clapboards and what looks like only one coat of paint. I suspect that the former, original owner went with vinyl to avoid maintenance, an area he really stayed away from. For now, the siding stays, I have filled in all the voids with spray foam, topped with white silicone caulk to camoflage it.  It works.

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