Friday, July 14, 2017

Finally ready for a C.O. inspection

With the hall bathroom's counter top and sink finally on site, undamaged, I have been waiting for the plumber to return to install the sink faucet-the final thing that was holding up getting a certificate of occupancy inspection from the city, thereby closing out my 3 open building permits (electrical, plumbing, general contracting). I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning, having been given a window of time.

While he was here, I again had the plumber take a look at the half bath's toilet. It had been randomly running a slight bit, and he was called out to take a look, determining that some sediment had been collecting under the tank's gasket. This continued, however, and I felt that the toilet was rocking too much. The bolts were tightened, the plumber agreeing that yes, it was too loose and rocking. No cost incurred, it was covered by the original bill.

Should this issue continue, the plumber said that they would contact American Standard and get a replacement tank flapper, which they would send at no cost. This is one of 2 A.S. toilets that I bought, we've been happy with them. Not the cheapest at the store, but I shop for quality over price, still looking for a deal when possible.

I remain pleased that the kids can now stay out of my bathroom!

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meme said...

AAAHHH a bathroom to yourself! That would be a dream come true for me!