Monday, July 3, 2017

Final stages of the remodel

The GC actually showed up with all 3 of his workers on Friday, and he stayed, going through the punch list with me. Shoddy work, done in his absence, was addressed. While he did have one worker "buff out" the scratches in my marble, I told him that it wasn't enough, I have barely used the sink/counter and certainly not the shower yet (custom door is to be installed this week). I asked him to call a marble store/specialist, which he did, and someone came out and took care of it. It looks a LOT better, but if one knows to look closely, one can see the scratches.

 At this point, they are all off of the job, until I get the hall bath sink delivered (third time is a charm?) and my shower door in. With some repairs freshly painted, I had to wait until it dried to see if there are any concerns. I discovered that their idea of painting the laundry trim meant putting putty over the nail holes, that I had previously pointed out, stating that if the holes aren't filled, the trim wasn't painted. They only painted over the puttied areas, leaving "patches" all over the trim. I expect all of the trim boards to be coated. @@  Additionally, someone cut in some areas of the bathroom ceiling and some spots on the ceiling, but failed to paint the entire ceiling, leaving 2 different colors of white visible in the hall bath. I expect that to be completely painted as well.  GC asked me for payment, and as he was talking to me, I asked him when was he expecting it? He had stated, just leave $500 off an pay him the rest. Knowing that the house still needed me to inspect it after the paint dried and I had time to review the whole house, I didn't want to do that. He stated that he "hadn't paid the guys in weeks." Umm, I was thinking, that is not my concern. He pulled himself off of my job, leaving me with unskilled workers and often only one. This job was to be wrapped up by 5/30. The hall sink issue isn't his fault, technically, the sudden need to replace the shower door kit is. I had planned on giving him something, prior to his request. He was asking for 86% of the balance due, he left with 55% (It was a nice, even number). The memo on the check reads: first installment of 2 for final payment due.
 Living room is finally almost settled, curtains going up (naturally, I had an issue with one of the curtain rods and will have to reorder it)
 I took away one table, swapped it out for a smaller one. Looks like we're keeping the love seat as well as the couch, at least for now. I thought we'd have to sell it off. I am not crazy about wall to wall furnishings, but all of the seating is needed is all 4 of the kids are here, usually with significant others.
 I've sewn some curtains for the kitchen
 cutting down some clearanced curtains from JCP.
and doing a doubled over hem. Simple and quick. I have 3 bathrooms to also make curtains for. One I have the material for, the other 2 I may/not. I need to dig into my sewing.


Linda said...

Good for you on standing firm. I am sure these workers think a woman cannot actually see shoddy work or will be a pushover. I hope you told him he is late with finishing, left unskilled workers, and they are still not doing the job right. Hopefully, you are properly miffed with him. If you have wall to wall people, you need all that furniture. I think it looks nice.

Belinda said...

Your living room looks so good!

Kathy said...

Your living room looks great! I have similar curtains in my kitchen but mine are green.
Hope everything will be fixed correctly. I am sure you are anxious to have it completed. Must be hard having people in your house so much.

Anne in the kitchen said...

The house looks great. I know you will be thrilled when the whole remodel is done and no one will be hanging at your house except the people you want to be there.

Sue said...

I admire your ability to stand firm on not paying that 95%. I have been "strong-armed" by contractors in the past, and it is very uncomfortable. I KNOW they wouldn't try that crap on my husband, and that makes me mad.

Just a tip for the living room curtains; you can hang rod-pocket curtains from ring clips, which will make them open and close so much easier. Also they will hang better. You can get the clips pretty cheap on Amazon--20 bucks for a 50-ring pack. You can also buy wands for opening/closing the curtains (like they have in hotel rooms), which will save them from getting smudged/dirty edges.

Ms. Sandie said...

Love the curtains!

meme said...

Your living room is lovely!