Monday, July 31, 2017

Energy conservation upgrade


I've always been a big fan of energy conservation and do see the big picture, as far as costs go. Even in retirement, I earn too much to qualify for programs. However, I recently had a home energy audit done ($124) and got estimates from a few companies to get the attic and basement insulation addressed. Yet another "mechanical" upgrade but one that will save me energy, thus money, as well as increase comfort in the home, and would be a selling feature eons down the road (no intent of moving again). The company I chose can do the extensive work for $5400. I applied for a zero interest, $3000 (max) energy loan thru a nonprofit affiliated with the electric and gas companies. Assuming that it goes through without a hitch,thankfully my finances are now settling with the big remodel done, the payment comes right off of my monthly electric bill for 3 years or 36 months. $83/month payment, and no prepayment penalty. That leaves $2400 to come up with. The state still has an energy program to rebate 1/2 the cost of the actual installed insulation, and since I am having the work done before March 31, 2018, the aforementioned $124 (rate going up in Sept BTW) will be rebated as well, netting me $2125 of the $2400 that I need, so a shortage of $275.  The energy assessment company also sent me a $20 GC, so I would be out $255 to insulate my entire attic, seal everything up, insulate the sill plates down cellar and the ceiling. SO yeah . . I am going for it.

I am entering the heating season with a full tank of oil, the furnace has had it's annual tune up, I am having the circa 1960 oil fill line that is buried in concrete (eats into copper! and is an EPA spill waiting to happen)replaced this Fri. House will be buttoned up, and should be toasty come Fall. The last window was installed so I now have all construction grade, Anderson casement windows, a new Anderson Patio door where the leaky slider with a broken lock once was.

Expensive? Absolutely, but a frugal upgrade, IMO.


Linda said...

It sounds like you will be snug as a bug come winter!

Winter Fan said...

I agree that it's worthwhile. I live in a 100+ year old stucco house. When we bought it, maintenance had been deferred on everything. The only plus was the woman who owned the house previously was was elderly and qualified to have insulation blown in the attic and into the stucco. I'm told this is quite expensive. I live in MN and have lived in an uninsulated house before. It's such a difference to have an insulated house! I think our heating bills are reasonable, despite quite a few subzero days.