Friday, July 14, 2017

Energy audit and insulation services

 an air vent
 plumbing penetration
electrical penetration

I get paid at the end of every month, then I determine what the next priority is to tackle with my monthly surplus. On my radar has been attic and basement insulation. I had an energy audit done, and it confirmed what I already knew: insufficient attic insulation and significant areas of leaks around the basement sill plate perimeter. One of the perks to this program  is that they will replace incandescent lightbulbs with LED's (which I had already replaced so that was moot) and caulking. They were here for 4 hours.

There currently is a program where if a client gets an energy audit before Aug 31st, the cost ($124) is refunded back, should the client get insulation installed from a contractor from the list provided before March 31, 2018 AND 50 cents on the dollar for the insulation is refundable. One prepays and awaits the refund, which can take about a month. The company who did the audit also was able to give me a quote for attic and basement insulation. I got a second quote yesterday, from a company who is more geared to spray foam (about 67% more expensive) but I asked them to give me an apples to apples quote. An additional incentive thru the electric company is that there is a 0% loan for up to 36 months, whose payment would be added to the client's electric bill. There are other, low cost loan programs as well, some being income dependent-I don't qualify. I'll get a third quote, but from where I am sitting now, it looks like just the attic insulation is going to happen this year.

Anyone have experience with these type programs? 


Linda said...

No, but they are popular here. I have friends who used this type program and are very happy. Energy costs saved almost pay for the work done.

meme said...

We did qualify for insulation in our previous home thru the local Community Action Council. We had "blown in insulation" into the walls. It was a very positive experience, the workman was very good, cleaned up after themselves perfectly, etc. The cost was completely covered by the program. This was about 16 years ago when I was laid off from my job, husband had shortened work hours due to company cutbacks. The savings on the heat really helped us out.