Sunday, July 23, 2017

Completing my OTC medical needs stock up

A final (I think*) anticipated need in the medical department for the next, upcoming 4 months as I move to a new medical insurance plan  neither a HSA or FLEX account, and a time period in which I will have a $2500 deductible (really doubt that I will use it), is a top up of both my OTC eye drops as well as additional vitamin D capsules. Stop and Shop had a deal on $1 off but the ad didn't specify the size. Turns out that it was for a single vial box, which, even after the deal, was significantly higher per unit price than the twin pack that I normally buy. I also had 2, $1 off coupons to use. The drops were $19.99 each.

Next, I wished to grab some more vitamin D3 capsules. I only buy Nature Made, based on my pharmacist brother's recommendation. A chronic deficiency means that I take must 4000 units/daily. I am constantly getting my levels tested through blood work, most recent test was this week. I await those results. Recent purchases have been for both 1000 unit capsules as well as the 2000 unit capsules (which I prefer). I was able to grab these final 2 at BOGO. Vitamin D was $21.99 each.

Total was $83.96, - $21.99 BOGO, - $2 for the drop coupons, -$3 for an additional "associate discount" through DS who works at S & S. New total: $56.97. I paid using residual funds in my existing HSA account from my former employer, so no monies out of pocket.

I have met my goal to stock up on known medical needs and to whittle down my HSA account.

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Linda said...

I use Nature Made, so I am happy to know they are recommended.