Monday, July 17, 2017

August 2017 menus


Planning ahead for next month's menus, relying heavily upon on hand ingredients, with vegetables TBD, depending upon purchases from the Farmer's market, as well as from a farmer friend:

1-beef franks (fzn), Calico beans
2-spaghetti with fzn homemade meatballs, salad, veg
4-veggie stir fry, fzn pot stickers
6-chicken cacciatore (use fzn thighs), rice, salad
7-baked flounder (fzn), buttered noodles, fried cabbage
8-Cp Swiss steak (fzn beef), noodles, veg
9-cheater's chicken parmesan (use Perdue breaded cutlets), pasta with homemade marinara, salad, veg
11-homemade sausage pizza
13-birthday celebration: TBD
14-tuna cakes, beets, salad, veg
15-kielbasa, pork beans, coleslaw
16-pasta with sausage sauce, salad, veg
18-chicken fried rice (use boneless thighs)
20-marinaded London broil on grill, German hot potato salad, veg, salad
21-pate chinois (use fzn beef), coleslaw
22-pabko crusted pork chops (fzn), apple sauce, mashed potatoe, veg
23-hamburger and macaroni, salad, veg
25-beef (use fzn hanger steak) tacos, use taco kit, corn
27-hotdogs, macaroni salad, calico beans
28-baked salmon (fzn), fried potatoes, fzn peas
29-CP meatloaf (use fzn meatloaf mix), mashed potatoe, 2 veg
30-qunioa burgers, fried cabbage, pork beans


Linda said...

I am always intrigued by monthly menus. How do you know what you have time or energy to cook? How do you know if you just don't want to eat that menu? It seems like switching days for menu items sort of negates the whole idea, especially that far out?

Busy Bee said...

I'm always impressed with you doing this. I never know a month in advance what will be going on around here.
We have discussed continuing our "stay out of the store" month on into August. Other than a few fresh items and some dairy/refrigerator items I'm not sure we will need anything.

Florence said...

You have reminded me that it is time to get my August Menu together. Thanks for the reminder!!

CTMOM said...

Linda, my menus are all based around foods already on hand, bought at good prices. I round out as needed. That said, yes, there are times when the menus are moved around, dropped all together. It makes perfect sense to me, however, to continue to have a monthly plan. After 30-1 days, the food stuffs earmarked for the menus are most likely consummed as planned, meeting my goal. I have certain themes associated with certain days of the week: big meat Sunday, fish on Monday, crock pot Tues, pasta Wed, leftovers for Th, simple/easy meal on Fri, soup/sandwich on Sat. These themes were selected, based upon standing commitments. This works for me, it may not for you.

CTMOM said...

Busy, this is a technique that I incorporate, along with others, to keep my food costs low, yet still varied. I deviate as needed.