Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A quiet 4th of July

 A simple, and easy menu for tonight's cookout for 5: grilled hotdogs with choice of condiments, store bought rolls. I also will warm up the leftover Calico beans from Sunday.
 2 versions of macaroni salad: DD's gluten free is on the left, using corn-quinoa penne pasta.
Sliced, chilled watermelon and S'mores for dessert.


Linda said...

It is not even noon and I have had way too much watermelon. I have never had a s'more!

Kelly Campbell said...

I enjoy a good S'more, which is kind of odd seeing as I don't particularly like graham crackers and am not a choc-aholic. I do love marshmallows though. :)

meme said...

I am not a fan of smores - because I don't like marshmallow - but I could eat my way thru a watermelon! We are having hotdogs (boiled), buns, baked beans, salad today for dinner. I have had a great weekend - took Monday off from work, naturally closed today - it has been a while since I had four full days off!

JoAnn said...

We celebrated yesterday as my husband works tonight. Spending the whole day cleaning! Life has been a whirlwind lately and some much needed deep cleaning is my plans for the day. And I am totally okay with that! :)