Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Whats been cooking?

 This past Tues, I made ground chicken breast burgers adding some chopped spinach and shredded carrot to the mix. Fzn mixed veggies and oven fries completed the meal.

Wed and Thurs were leftover nights.
 Fri was pan fried hotdogs and toasted buns, 2 versions (one GF for DD) of macaroni salad, and pork beans for 2 of us.

Sat was leftover night again. See separate post on Sunday.
 Yesterday (Monday) was 2 versions of tuna pasta salad (served cold) with celery, minced onion, celery, chopped chive, dill, black pepper, mayo, albacore tuna and cooked pasta.

 Sliced tomatoes topped with 2 kinds of chiffonades of basil and drizzled with some Italian vinaigretts
Steamed summer squash seasoned with dill, salt, pepper and a touch of butter-yummy! I bought it at the Farmer's market on Saturday.

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