Friday, June 16, 2017

What's been cooking

A sampling of what's been on the table . . .

 In no particular order, with missing photos: baked chicken and roasted potatoes
 Salmon cakes with tartar sauce, egg and potato salad
 BBQ "baked" split turkey breast, sauteed cabbage with stewed tomatoes, salad
 Farfalle with meat sauce
 Cooked the entire box so as to get a side available for lunches. Used several tubs of take out sauces to make the dressing
 Farfalle pasta salad is what I called it
 Another lunch: grilled ham and Swiss sandwiches, sliced nectarines
 "hamburger and macaroni" made with sausage, broccoli florettes

 vegetable soup using homemade chicken stock, a lurking pouch of Ramen
 baked chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies
 turkey sandwich, pasta salad lunch
lunch leftovers: chicken, steamed veg and roasted potatoes

 taco night, including refried beans, a split pan of ground beef taco meat and beef/bean filling, corn

Make your own taco "station"
 leftovers became a lunch the next day
 another pasta night: sauce over ziti or GF rotini
 Besides banana bread, I also made buttermilk waffles, intentionally making a large batch for planned overs

With a heat wave, I've served a lot of salads. Plenty of homemade, salad dressing on hand
Besides a batch of Toll House cookies, I made Jello and a strawberry-rhubarb, crumb topped pie.

Have made several pots of tea for iced tea, including using up these gifted tea forte herbal teas.

I continue to keep a keen eye on food waste, loving my new French door refrigerator. All food is at the eye level, so easily found.


Linda said...

I think French door refrigerators are the ultimate style refrigerator!

Kathy said...

Yum! Your meals look delicious.