Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly mending

 I love my new laundry machines; here is a load of colored clothes that I laundered and then dried outside on Monday. I also did one load of towels, machine dried. As I fold the dried laundry, I am always on the lookout for any mending that needs done.
 Here's the mending I took care of this morning: a bathtowel with fraying sides, a pair of sleep pants with a split seam, a dish cloth with fraying edges, 2 Damask napkins with frayed areas from the turned down edges that came unstitched. The aforementioned were all repaired on a sewing machine.
  My mending also included hand mending of this napkin, that mysteriously sprung multiple worn areas, almost holes.
 Here it is mended
 I mend on the underside, using as close of a color of thread as possible (I seem to possess every color of the spectrum!)
I have many Vera napkins by designer Vera Neumann.


Little Penpen said...

Your drying setup is great! I was proud that I have one drying rack and then I saw yours!! Maybe I'll get another!!

Linda said...

You keep reminding me I need to mend.

mikemax said...

I LOVED Vera designs. I always hope I'll find some in new condition at thrift stores. Usually, when I find them, they are pretty worn out.

Anne in the kitchen said...

You remind me that I need to replace my drying rack, but I have been very lazy and have just been using the dryer.

Belinda said...

I love how your drying racks look on your porch!

Christie Hogan said...

I love using my drying racks for as much of my laundry as possible. I even take one one with is on vacation to the beach. Perfect for drying those beach towels and swim suits as well as any laundry I may do in the afternoons and evenings. The clothes smell so good and fresh.

I did some mending this week too. Buttons on my hubby's dress shirts for work that were bought at Goodwill! 😊

Loving the updates from your new home. Everything is looking so good!