Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today's surprise freebie


One of the perks that came with my new home, were Bali, cordless cellular blinds in the living room. Sometime during renovation, they were removed and stored but alas, the mounting brackets are no where to be found.

I called a Bali number that I found on line, and after discussing the purpose of my call (to order replacement mounting bracket hardware), I discovered that they were shipping them out immediately, with anticipated delivery within 5 days and at no charge! Awesome! The blinds in question were made 5/12/16 and the former owner passed away just 18 days later. Shame. While I do have some insulated panels to go over my 7 large, living room windows, keeping the off white blinds up is a nice bonus, especially at night so I will no longer feel like I am in a fishbowl.


Linda said...

Good for you. I have had companies offer to send me pieces free even when I had called to buy something that broke or was lost.

meme said...

That is awesome! I have one of those type shades in my bathroom - I love it.

Sue said...

That's really fantastic customer service!

I have those cellular blinds in my bedroom, and I just love them! They REALLY help keep the cold out in winter all on their own, and with my insulated drapery panels, we really reduce our overnight heat loss.

Little Penpen said...

How awesome! Great company with excellent customer service, huh?