Thursday, June 15, 2017

The remodel is wrapping up, time for handyman services

 While the contrator has picked up another job before completely finishing this one, I am often left with just a 1/2 day of his time, or, like today, only the assistant to work here. He is keenly aware that he will not be paid what I am calling the balloon payment until all of the work agreed upon is completed, per the written contract, and the final building inspection. Mostly it is now finish work, painting,touch ups, msc. If he actually dedicated a full workweek to my project, he's be done. This is not uncommon in this trade, sadly. Moving on:  I removed some "extras" off of the agreement and have engaged a local handyman. Priority number one: getting my garage back, which has been ground zero in the construction/remodeling process. First up was to remove the long (as it it went almost completely along one side of the garage interior wall) handicapped accessible ramp, and sort the wood.
 After stacking the wood, and cleaning the years of dirt from underneath, he set to making me this set of steps, which we have now decided to add a side railing to. I have the lumber so no worries.
 A second ramp was removed off the deck and once again, the salvaged wood reused to make a step. More wood remains and will be sorted further tomorrow and tucked away in the garage for future projects. He will return in a few weeks to power wash the home, deck, and them use s Behr oil based, stain with color (in a chocolate brown) and "paint" the pressure treated wood.

He has also been helping me to organize my garage:

 Here's one (we later added a second one right next to this)strip of salvaged wood used as a cleat to attach a push clamp system for my cleaning tools
On the opposite corner of the garage is where a tool holder system was created, again repurposing wood, and using metal tool hooks. Shelves were also added in both of these areas, since the photos were taken.

Making progress.


Linda said...

I really hate it when a workman gets another job and I get short shrift! One guy would only come at 3 pm. When I asked him why, he said he got another job and has to have the place cleaned up and gone by 3pm. Another guy for another job said he would be done in two weeks. Six weeks or so later, he was still plugging along about two hours each day. Neither of these guys will work for me again.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I agree with you, it just seems to be par for the course to begin a new job before finishing the first. Irritating!

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

It is really looking good. You are making lots of progress!

mikemax said...

Welcome back!

Your tool hanger looks and sounds very much like one I just put up in the garage of our other house. I got it at a yard sale for $1 and I'm using it for garden tools. I'm using a repurposed bike hook to keep the string trimmer up off the floor. Now I am scrounging the materials to put a shelf over it for the hose nozzle, pruners and other small tools. I have a couple of basins from the hospital that I'll use to keep small things together. Just an idea, if you don't already have a better one.

I, too, have no use for workmen who don't get the job done. At the moment, that's my DH, LOL. It's a good thing he doesn't expect to be paid!!

Carole said...

We've had the same problem with construction people attempting to do another job at the same time they were working for us. They all must have the idea that it's better for them to do it that way. I guess they can make a customer happy by starting a project, and at the same time starting another project elsewhere, and both customers naively assuming they'll get full time workers and that the job will be done quickly. At any rate, I'm glad to see you back blogging again.