Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunday supper: A birthday celebration

 Sunday was the day that was chosen to celebrate the twin's birthday this year. I planned a simple cookout, which worked out well. Hamburger/cheeseburgers and grilled hotdogs, tossed salad with choice of dressing and a Crockpot of calico beans, taking advantage of some recently acquired crash n burn canned beans, a 28 oz can of Hanover baked beans from Dollar Tree and some off cuts of uncured bacon pieces from Trader Joe's. Yummy!
A quick Aldi's stop earlier and I grabbed come hamburger buns, the hotdog buns were also crash n burn, stored in the freezer.

The hotdogs were sale priced finds from my freezer, along with marked down pkg of ground beef, from which I made the 6 burgers.

Assorted drinks were available to choose from and 2 cakes (smaller) from Whole Foods that DD had offered up as her gifts to the boys. I gave each of them a check, it's cash that they want at this point in life. : )


meme said...

It is cash that older teens/ young adults want! Happy Birthday to the Twins! I have not had hotdogs for awhile now. Your picture of them with the toasted buns reminded me of how good they are. I remember as a kid, my mother would butter the sides, placing them in a hot frying pan to brown.

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday to the twins!