Saturday, June 17, 2017

Still working on the laundry/half bath

 The handyman installed the repurposed beveled glass mirror that originally served the hall bath as the mirror for over the sink in the half bath.
 He also installed this repurposed drapery rod with steel brackets in my laundry for storing extra hangers, allowing hung items to dry or not wrinkle is taken from the dryer, and a spot for the cloth bag that corrals all plastic bags used as waste basket liners. There is a place above the brackets, to attach a shelf. Since we had already used up what possible wood for shelving was on hand, I reached out to DX
and he brought his over when he came to get DS for dinner with Dad night. The handyman returns for a few hours on Mon and he can work on this. I had to tell him that until I receive my security deposit back (due 6/29), his services will be put on hold. He offered to keep working, but I'd owe him so await receipt of those funds. Additionally, with only receiving monies once a month, always on the last day of the month, my budgeting adjusts accordingly. I told him that I'd reach out to him once I had the monies in hand. He understands. He is a bit slower than other's but meticulous almost to a fault, with OCD issues. His rate is  about 1/2 what some other's in my former town charge. Still a significant bill to get what I need done (ramp conversions to steps, drapery handware installed, pictures and other decorative pieces installed, repairing holes in siding from weird electrical installations done by former owner that were pulled out by electrician, storage items, msc hooks etc). His rate is fair, and also far cheaper than what the GC quoted to do the ramp to stairs work. Just need to get it done.


Belinda said...

I'm with you on waiting until you have the funds in hand before having him do the work. Helps me sleep better at night knowing I don't owe someone money.

Great that DX had some wood you could use for the shelf in the laundry room. I really like the color of the walls in there.

Florence said...

I'm so clad you are back to posting on the blog!! I've missed you!! What a massive undertaking the renovations and the move has been. Hope things get sorted out and quiet down now. You've had enough excitement for a while.

Carole said...

I agree with Florence's comment. I imagine what keeps you going is knowing that you won't have to move again.