Friday, June 16, 2017

Plumber and A/C company call backs

 Recent heat wave meant using the central air. Had my annual service appointment on Monday, and since I had noted some dripping in the basement, I had the technician look at that. He fixed everything, did a complete tune up (was here 2 hours), The next day, the A/C was on but not doing much. I called as my home was reading 83 inside, I was miserable. They sent a tech out right away, he sorted out the problem. No additional charge. : )
The plumber was also called back as the newer, Kohler toilet moved to the hall bath (I am calling that the Kohler bathroom as I bought a new, cast iron Kohler tub) was making a constant noise. No bubbling to indicate water getting through, but something was up. Interior parts swapped out, and that was sorted. I also had him replace 2 shut off valves in the basement, with one covered with green crusty scale and the second having a slow drip. Very quick response. In the process of repairing the Kohler toilet, the plumber somehow knocked my new chrome toilet paper holder off of the wall. They reordered it at the local plumbing supply house and will be returning later today to install it. I was out a few hundred for the plumber's visit, but as most of the old plumbing has been addressed, I am confident that although a few straggler issues will creep up, as they do with any home, with the lack of maintenance in evidence from the former owner, since I've replaced much of the guts of the home, I should be relatively OK, as long as I keep up with routine maintenance, which I fully intend to do. It's money well spent.

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