Saturday, June 24, 2017

Planning ahead: July 2017 menus


After realizing that I had yet to share June's menus, I set immediately to figuring out July's.  Our local farmer's market starts today, and I plan on frequenting it often. We are lucky to be very close to multiple grocery store options as well. That said, with funds tight, I continue to rely mostly on what is already on hand, scratch cooking, keeping an eye on food waste. Most grocery monies will go to perishables, the farmer's market, stocking up.

2-CP meatloaf (use fzn meatloaf mix), mashed potatoes, steamed carrots with fzn peas
3-baked flounder fillets (fzn), rice, green beans in stewed tomatoes
4-beef tacos (fzn meat) with pintos, corn
5-spaghetti with fzn homemade meatballs in homemade marinara, green beans
7-hotdogs (fzn) on buns, pork beans, homemade macaroni salad
9-CP rotisserie style chicken (fzn), butter and herb seasoned noodles, veg
10-baked Salmon fillets (fzn), rice, veg
11-lentil sloppy joes on homemade rolls, salad, veg
12-pasta with sausage crumbles in homemade marinara, salad
16-marinated London broil (fzn), grill "baked" potatoes, veg, salad
17-tuna-macaroni salad, sliced tomatoes
18-fajitas (use planned over steak, fzn pepper/onions), corn
19-vegetarian pasta with homemade sauce, salad, green beans
21-grilled beef burgers, salad, 3 bean salad
23-CP Swiss stak, egg noodles, veg
24-salmon cakes (use canned), ovn fries, veg
25-quiche (use fzn Swiss), salad, veg
26-turkey (use fzn chopped, cooked meat) tettrazini, salad
28-calico beans, franks and brats on rolls, homemade coleslaw
30-Chicken cacciatore, rice,salad
31-tuna salad plate


Little Penpen said...

You are so organized!! Good job!

Florence said...

You reminded me to get my own July Menu ready.

Linda said...

This all just looks too stifling, but I am still going to try the menu idea.