Saturday, June 17, 2017

Organizing the kitchen

Setting up the kitchen is absolutely the biggest chore for me. Here's a peak into how I've organized it:

 A bit odd, but I have an L shaped kitchen, more like having a panhandle near where the range is, then it opens up into a larger square. From the panhandle, moving to the right, through the walls of cabinets, set up in another L:  to the left of the range is the upper "baking cabinet" where I keep a lot of staples. Attached inside the cabinets are frequently used baking recipes

Attached to the outside of the cabinet below it, is where I have hung pot holders and mitts, right next to the rear entry door to the back yard.

Opposite the kitchen rear door is the garage door, and the brown bookcase for my cookbooks. It also serves as the landing pad for my purse and keys. Above the bookcase is my "message center" of calendars, bus passes, etc.
 Above the range, to the right of the aforementioned cabinet, is where I store baking mixes
 In the 2 drawers below the baking cabinet is where I store baking tools, clips, jar lids/caps
 Below is where I store Pyrex and plastic storage tubs, baking pans
 The upper cabinet to the right of the microwave and range is what I call the coffee cabinet. It is also where I store measuring cups, funnels, RX, the hand beater. Attached on the backside of the door is my weekly household chore schedule. You can see that I have my 2 storage crocks of cooking implements on the counter to the right of the range. One is just spoons and spatulas, the other holds everything else.
 The 2 drawers below contain my dish rags, a box of push pins, and a knit trivet, the one to the right holds what I call meal prep items.
 Below is where I have my strainers, pots/pans, salad spinner, covered casseroles.

I still use a lot of vintage items, including my hand crank, Can-o-mat can opener. DX gifted it to me, finding it on EBAY, new in box. Above is a vinyl coated towel drying rack holding the day's dish rag, and leaving 2 spots for dish towels to dry. I switch all of my kitchen towels, rags over after supper.

A typical view during the day: dishes drying in the rack under the dish towel, more awaiting a quick wash to join them. If the water remaining is fairly clean, I will keep it for hand washing during the next meal prep. Being on a well with a septic, we are conservative with water.
 The kitchen sink still has a hanging towel (we don't use paper towels)and most likely one of my doubled ones as well as an over the door bar for my cleaning gloves.

 Below the sink is where I keep daily cleaning supplies, and my mop bucket. I continue to whittle down what chemicals we use in the home, for health as well as economy. I continue to keep a very clean home.
 The upper cabinet to the right of the sink is the tea cabinet and where glasses and mugs are stored.
 In the upper corner, is a large corner cabinet that I am calling the spice cabinet. It has 4 lazy susans for ease of retrieval of ingredients. Less frequently used baking items such as cocoa, XXX sugar, spinkles, cookie cutters are stored on the upper shelf. I need to use my step stool to get anything on the upper shelves.
 To the right of the spice cabinet is where the daily dishes are stored, along with my mixing bowls (several were in the dish washer when the photo was taken, or they would have been on the second shelf to the right), and my pie and tart plates, quiche pan.
 The single, wider drawer below is where I keep the flatware, kitchen scissors.
 Below is the dreaded "dead man" cabinet, which I stuck a stick on LED light inside to better see. I store larger appliances such as crock pots, the ABM, attachments to the KA mixer, the electric percolator.
There is a tray cabinet, which I love for it's practicality. Above the fridge that you can barely glimpse at, has a 2 door cabinet called the liquor cabinet. Self explanitory.


Belinda said...

How do you like the Can-o-mat can opener? I have a Swing A Way and while they used to be very good, the more modern ones are not. I have trouble getting it to open some cans all the way. It will stop and not open them in some places, which is very irritating.

Your kitchen looks neat, clean, and tidy, and very well organized!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, the can-o-mat is a vintage, never used, new in box stock item that DX bought off of EBAY some years back when we were married. Works like a charm! I agree, new stuff is junk, built to become broken and needing replacement. I think I won't ever need (hope not!) to replace the can-o-mat. Works very well with my arthritic hands, due to the crank feature.

Sue said...

I like seeing how other people's kitchens are set up. It's so individualized--what makes sense to me doesn't always make sense to others! For example, your pie plates are in an upper cabinet. Mine are in a lower cabinet.

I have one of those can openers that uncrimps the lid from the can. I really like not having sharp edges to deal with.

You must be exhausted from all the moving/unpacking/arranging! What a huge job.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I love your kitchen cabinet organization--because space is very limited in mine, and I have to remove things stored on top of things I may be reaching for all too frequently. I actually only have 6 cabinets and one top of the microwave shelf one which stores cat food and supplies when we have a cat, which we do not at the moment. My cabinets are very old and the top three may be a little taller than yours, but being 5 ft only, it does me little good. I have a step stool with two steps and a top which allows me access to MOST things. Occasionally my husband has to reach something for me, but it's seldom used stuff on the very top. I also have a "golden retriever" which is the brand name for a metal reaching stick which I use at times to grab an empty container instead of having it fall down on my head.

Despite my complaints, I can do anything in my kitchen except hold a meeting---two people is a crowd and three is desperation. It's just very small but I've lived here 39 years already so I have organized it as much as I can think to do!

Linda said...

I have plastic bags and extras of plastic wrap, wax paper, etc. above the stove. That's not working since my back and shoulders prevent me from reaching far. I keep the daily use glad wrap, waxed paper, and foil in a drawer. I am trying to figure out what to put above the stove that won't be destroyed by heat of stove/oven and the fact that is the hottest wall in the house due to sun. So, I am trying to figure out WHAT to put up there.

The skinny door is great. Wish I had one of those.

Belinda said...

THat sounds great, Carol. I will have to look for one. Thanks for the review. :)

meme said...

Very neat and organized ! I do like the green color!