Thursday, June 29, 2017

Home remodeling: It's all in the details

 I previously posted about the front door spruce up:
 From a distance, it really looks SHARP! Last week, the GC stated that the project is almost done, we await some closet doors, due in on Wed, so he would return with 3 people to wrap it up on Wed. I stated that there was still quite a bit to be done, he reassured me that we should be all set. The doors finally came in today, but he was running around doing who knows what, but he'll bring them by tomorrow and they will install them. I've had a punch list, categorized by room, taped to the kitchen cabinet. Between the GC and 3 workers, different folks have been crossing stuff off. Umm . . some of that was not yet done. I asked about one item, the  GC commented, "Oh, I wasn't sure about that, I looked but didn't see anything." @@ Rather than ASK, he simply crossed it off the list. He misread the notation, went to the wrong room, which is why he didn't see the area in question.  Back to my door . . looks nice, no?
Well, he clearly knows that my DX is a builder and that I do know quite a bit about houses and construction. Case in point, the large gouge by this side trim at the front door has now been filled, as it should have been prior to painting. It will be touched up with paint tomorrow.
 While blue painter's tape was used on the side light's glass, there is some residual paint. Gentlemen, please scrape that gently away.

Here is one of my 8 new air regismters for heat and A/C. Was cheaper for me to replace them than to have the old GE metal ones sandblasted (they were horribly rusty for some reason) and then repainted. These are prepainted, metal ones. Nice and crisp looking.

The GC is clearly in a rush to wrap this up and get paid, especially as I am holding firm to the agreement: I paid him weekly for a set amount of weeks with a "balloon payment" due at the end of the job. Job was to be done by 5/30, I remind you that it's a month later.

Having his unskilled or lesser skilled workers perform tasks without supervision and guidance is foolish. While I certainly agree with on the job training and experience, unless supervised, how is one to learn the proper way to do things? My life savings and then some have gone into this forever home. It won't ever be top of the line, most fashionable but I have quality materials and I expect that they will be properly installed.

There was an apparent rush to paint as if that is a visible sign to homeowners that the job is finishing. They failed in many, many areas to do proper wall prep. I called them out on it.

 damage behind the laundry/1/2 bath door
 big divet by the pantry door
 damage near the garage entry
 in the dinette

 Yes, the prepainted trim AS WELL AS the existing air returns still need painting
 This particular heat register (see new replacment below) had serious issues at the wall. When I pointed it out (note that it's been on the list for some time), the GC commented, "that's gonna need some work."-why in the H*ll did I list it then? Slapping lipstick on a pig isn't working for me. The executor of the estate already did that, but I saw right through it.
 Not a great miter cut here but I know it can be filled and once painted (yeah, they tried passing this door of as painted) and prefilled, it'll be fine.
 Damage above kitchen rear door
 at corner, narrow wall between pantry and laundry
 paint drip on base needs sanding off and touch up, corner needs some work
 painter's tape applied to freshly painted walls ruined the paint as it was removed along with the paint. GC had worker simply paint over it without sanding first. It was sanded and painted once. Time for a second coat

Yes, all air returns and registers that we are reusing are to be painted
 Narrow cove needs another coat
 Wide cove as well
Finally painted the tiny area of brown below the step down, as well as the skirt board (in white)
Hall bath walls were a particular mess

 especially at the register. One worker spray painted the register without first wire brushing it. He used sandpaper, which did little to improve matters. I told him, just ask, as I do have some tools, including a wire brush. Both bathroom older registers are now wire brushed, await repainting tomorrow, and no, don't even try to charge me extra for extra paint.

 I had to remind them numerous times to replace this piece. Then numerous reminders to paint it. Now there is a bit of a sloppy mess on my newly refinished floor.
Both cats got stuck on separate occassions in our duct work, as the propped up covers were knocked over by them. Finally got this one installed in my room, now there is more touch up to do.

Had to remind them to fill in this large void in the frame of the master bath door, as the door was switched in direction that it opens. Simply painting over the large void didn't cut it. It's now filled, need to be sanded and painted again.

More painter's paint that did damage, this is DD's room,
 Had to remind them that the center mullions on the living room windows needed to be upgraded as well. GC "forgot" but I reminded him of the lengthly conversation he had with me and DX about them.

Yes, can you please stain and poly DD's windows so we can get curtains up?

Center cut out finally got a second coat-great. But once again, the large drip was not first sanded. This is simply sloppy.
 DD recently discovered 2 areas of missing grout under the pencil tile in the hall bath, which is the only operational shower at the moment (my custom shower door will be installed next Fri). The GC suggested filling this in with caulk. A firm, NO, not only will the white really show, caulk is not grout, which is the proper material to use. It will also need to be resealed in these 2 areas so this work will have to wait until we can use the master shower.
 Large chipped area of garage entry trim needs to be sanded, puttied and touched up.
Adhesive on the Master medicine cabinet glass.
the scratches in my vanity (as well as the custom marble of the shower)-someone crossed that off, too. Um, nope. I won't let that go. I brought it to the GC's attention last week, he said he'd take care of it. His website even states that all work is guaranteed for one year. Toss in that someone* returned a Decora 3 switch wall plate to a repaired and repainted wall yesterday, tightening the screw too much and cracking the plate. That's expensive. And yes, I told the GC to replace it. He said he would.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a vent post against the GC-his work is good, some things I had to ask him to redo-that always happens. His leaving unskilled, unsupervised workers is the issue, while he has started and continues to work another job. I get it: he needs to keep the every continuing supply of work coming. He also needs, however, to complete what he starts and ensure the same quality of work is afforded the customer throughout the project.

I am very fair: I've paid off the wood floor installer/refinisher, the plumber, the electrician, the energy company for upgrades. I will NOT pay the GC until the final inspection by the city and until I am satisfied that he has done everything properly, as agreed upon. I am not being overly persnickety, I understand how homes are constructed and know how things should be done, not to mention, I still have DX looking over my shoulder (in a good way) offering advice on what to do, his opinion etc.

We also miss our privacy. Having workers all day at your home is a drag.


Linda said...

I was getting acid reflux reading this. I hate those little things that are actually a big deal. I have been told I am too picky. Several guys lost the job at that point. My father was a contractor. Many times, he came home to my mother telling him about something done wrong. She assured the person he would take care of it. Daddy often worked until midnight fixing one of his worker's messes because he valued his reputation. You don't have to be a genius to see the things you photographed. The wood stuff will not hold up when it is put in gouges as the gc may be telling you. If you plan to move soon, it will hold up. Twenty years later, not at all. I am dealing with this stuff falling out!

They are treating you as though you are blind or stupid. I suppose they expect the woman to just be sweet and let it go. It's too bad your ex cannot show up when gc is there. Having a penis in the room with you will help immensely.

meme said...

WOW - Just WOW is all I can say !!! Good thing you are on top of things - I wonder if they have other jobs that are...lacking in the finer details such as your home. Those are a lot of errors adding up! I would want the job performed the right way also.