Sunday, June 18, 2017


I am on the hunt for a long, sideboard for my dining room, and not able to afford what the more decent furniture retailers are asking, I am naturally turning to second hand sources, including the Habitat for humanity store here in my new city. Nothing I cared for, but I'll return as they often get new items in. I did chance upon this 3 count pack of Schlage (a good brand), black hinges, new in package for a whopping $7! The ones on the front door that was recently painted are terribly rusty. This will be a nice upgrade.

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Belinda said...

Nice find and will look better than those with rust on them. Yard sales may be your answer to the side board, if you have the time. We often find older, solid wood pieces while going to yard sales. If I were in the market I would definitely pick up some of them.